Welcome to the Social Media Parent Presentation Website! (April 28, 2015) 

Presenters:  Joe Heslip and Kelly Lawlor

This presentation will give you some insight into realities, risks and implications of the "online world" that students engage in, both inside and outside of the classroom.  The information in this presentation is a combination of academic peer reviewed journal articles, online research and (perhaps most importantly) information shared by Mission youth. 


Welcome to our site.   Feel free to download previously presented Digital Literacy Pro D documents. (Be aware that some of the links have become inactive)

Format of Document

If your copy of the document does not look exactly like the Pro D presentation, it is probably a formatting issue.  Please feel free to make any changes to the document to better suit your needs.  We hope you enjoyed the session and will use this information as a resource in better understanding your "Digital Native" child. 

Digital_Literacy_ProD.doc Digital_Literacy_ProD.doc
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The Cloud (as presented in popular culture)

 The Cloud (as it exists in the real world)

HSS, Mission, BC

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